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The Charter School

Excellence for All


All parent and carers are welcome to come to our meetings and take part in planning and decision making.  Just come along or drop us a line if you’d like to get involved.

We also have a core committee which is elected at the AGM every September.

Our committee members this year are:

  • Cath Nicholson  - Chair 
  • David Plumeridge  - Vice Chair (staff)
  • Chris Bowler  - Treasurer
  • Lucy Hamer  - Co-Secretary
  • Penny Verrey  - Co-Secretary
  • Shalene Varcoe  - Head of External Affairs (staff)
  • Mary Burgieres  - Licences
  • Emma Jones  - Hamptons, Easy Fundraising, Just Giving
  • Mark Rock – Publicity and recruitment
  • Emma Hotopf 
  • Carl Ison 
  • Paul Koloi 
  • Jules Kenna 
  • Alexia Coppe